by Ominous Ride

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SpinTunes entry: Write about a childhood toy.

A little darker than I'd anticipated, but pleased with the outcome nevertheless.



It seems so long ago
The world of a little boy
What did I know?
(After all), it was just a toy
Teddy, where did you go?
You were everything to me
They said it was time,
I was too grown
And they took Teddy away

They only wanted me to play
with my GI Joes
But all I could think of
was your marble eyes
And your button nose
And every jagged stitch
that I took the pains to sew
To keep you together
(to keep us together)
And they made me let Teddy go

Mommy says I’m codependent
Damaging my adolescence
Nothing could be farther from the truth

You didn’t care that I’d drool on you in my sleep
It wasn’t fair, the security taken from me...

(I miss you)
Your pouting mouth
(I feel you)
Your stuffing lost
(I see you)
Your tattered ears
(I dream of)
Your padded paws
Teddy, Where did you go
I’m still having trouble letting go
Teddy, Come back to me
It’s essential to my sanity
Teddy, don’t shut the door
I don’t want to grow up anymore
Teddy, what can I do
I will never get over losing you


released July 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Ominous Ride California

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