by Ominous Ride

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Some wear dumb with pride...


I like it loud
I like to feel the sound
And when you’re walking down the street
you’re gonna turn around
because I’m the guy who’s gonna get all the attention
try and compete, you’ll get the honorable mention
the dope coming out of my radio
it ain’t music, but I gotta let you know
that my stereo cost more than my whole car
I figure this way girlies can’t resist me.
I turn it all the way up to 9.5
Then 10, goddamn can you feel the vibe
I ain’t got no self esteem
But you can hear me burning rubber
When the light is green
I got a ship tattoo on the side of my neck
Cuz when you hear the base
You’re gonna hit the deck.
And then I drive by slow
With my 6x10’s
I saved up two years for my two front rims
I’m primer grey
Because I like the Raiders
You’re shaking your heads
Because you’re player haters
But you can’t deny me
Can’t blow by me
Now everybody stop and pay attention to me

I ain’t down with your resistance
You’re pissin me off when you scoff
When I tell you to listen
I don’t care about the books you read
Because my beats are live
And Einstein is dead,
That’s okay, I won’t hold it against you
Cuz edjumacation is not what I’m into
What’s that you say about E=MC squared
I’m not dumb, I’m just thinking impaired
And besides all I see is the MC
Hitting the mic more important that reading
And the only E that I know is the kind
That I do at a show for the feeling
So my pants hang down just a little lower
Trying to fit in with the fools
as I hike up my drawers,
and I don’t know why I do it
never taking the time
or the mind to think through it
so I tip my hat to the side
figure it’s better to follow than keep asking why
at least I don’t have to think for myself
at least I don’t have to think for myself
Some people say I’m in denial
But I tell ‘em it’s an element of personal style
And they can’t deny me
Can’t blow by me
Now everybody stop and pay attention to me


released April 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Ominous Ride California

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