by Ominous Ride

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Every morning for the last six months
I had a pipe to pack
And now my medicine is all used up
I think I want it back
Looking down the barrel of a triple chamber
My stems are all scraped up
Resonated screens and nicotine
Sure ain't gonna cut it
Since I been Jonesing

Every night when I get home from work
And I want to mellow out
A friend or three will come to visit me
And there ain't enough to go around
Now I'm calling everybody I know
Trying to soothe the savage beast
Looking high and low for an antidote
Till I admit defeat
Jonesing, it's in my head
Everybody imposing
Till I get another bag

I got enough to keep the routine safe and sound
But it tends to vanish faster when the weekend rolls around
It's not like I'm a junkie jabbing needles in my arms
But I get a little crazy when it's gone
That's just how it is
I can't explain the psychology
Until I get high again

No brick, no brown, no green
No brick, no brown, no green
No brick, no brown, no green
No brick, no brown, no chronic seen

Now my body is shaking
Cuz I cannot find the smoke
Some may say I need to get away
But to me it ain't a joke
Feeling like a man without any air
It's binging me to tears
I need to smoke a bowl to fill the hole
And I'll be digging it for years


released September 22, 2008



all rights reserved


Ominous Ride California

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