Cheap Wine

by Ominous Ride

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Cheap Wine

I'd like to make a brief confession
I have a problem with the drink
The issue's not intoxication
(Rather it's an) economical libation

It isn't that I can't afford my vices
I live in high society
My friends wonder why I drink in private
If they find out what I'm drinking
They'll ask me what the hell I'm thinking
Cheap Wine

I don't have a taste for bourbon
And I stay away from in gin
I don't need a fancy Cabernet
Or a twenty dollar Zin
Drinking behind closed doors
A penchant I can't ignore

I might impress them with Armani suits
Or when I flash my gold Movado
And they may swoon over my Gucci shoes
And I may drive a Mercedes
But what I drink won't get the ladies
Cheap wine

I don't like to mix martinis
I don't need to salt my rim
Hold on to your Dom Perignon
I'm drinking Andre on my own
Drinking behind closed doors
Just twist off the cap and pour

Might not be sophisticated
Might not show a pedigree
Might not have a fancy label
But I buy it by the case
Because it tastes alright to me
Cheap wine

You might wonder why a man like me
Has such a lousy palette
But with all the flack that I receive
I wish they didn't sell it

Charles Shaw
Sutter Home
And Franzia
Rex Goliath
Smoking Loon
Got the Barefoot
and the Boone's
Carlo Rossi
A jug of Gallo
Never fails
Call me crude, or unrefined
Staying loyal to my cheap cheap wine


released February 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Ominous Ride California

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