Baby Panda Sneeze

by Vincent Black Shadow/Ominous Ride

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Spintunes Entry - Write about a meme...


Baby Panda Sneeze

In the middle of a concrete forest
Sitting out among the chain link trees
Mama Panda had a zenned out morning
Munching on a bunch of bamboo leaves

Mama Panda had imaginations
Thinking all about her Panda dreams
Never thinking bout the next thing coming
From the Baby Panda at her feet
She don’t think twice about
Her little bundle
The coming thunder
From baby’s slumber

She don’t know what be coming
To shake her world

Mama Panda sitting in her corner
Munching on a bit of pepper cane
Then a bit crumb it come asunder
Falling to the Baby Panda’s mane
Oh wicked fate awaking
Her little bundle…

She don’t know what be comin
She caught in her panda dreams
Oh, Mama, ain’t no warning
When Baby Panda sneeze…

Mama’s peace
How fleeting
Baby please
Show mercy as you sneeze


released January 27, 2013
E. Fetler



all rights reserved


Ominous Ride California

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